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Super Duper It

maximize the power of your machine
increase the  efficiency of your work
uses less water and fuel
reduce your cost of operation
...... and above all you save resources and thus protect the environment

Clean with minimum water 

or with much more water 
3/4",  1"

and tune it as needed

Super Duper Information

Facts, you need to know

Each pipe cleaning job is unlike the last one.
Tune your SuperDuper without loosing time into your perfect tool.

3 to 10 
200 to 2000
revolutions, adjustable
no fluids

The SuperDuper makes more out of your equipment

Rotation Speed 

Rotary nozzles do need a certain flow and pressure to start rotating. When in rotation, a speed limitation is required, otherwise the rotation speed is getting too high. Fast turning units will create a spray (atomize the water beam). Only a strong solid water beam is powerful enough for cleaning. The rotation adjustment is individually with each system and may change over time. SuperDuper uses a stabilizing, strong and maintenance free electromagnetic brake to do so.


The jets are pivotable The patent pending system allows to rotate at the desired speed with 40 bar or 275 bar, with little or much water. The ideal rotation speed might be 400 or 2000 rpm. The setting can be changed at any time and with a few simple and quick adjustments. Finally the operator and not the nozzle is dictating the rotation speed.


You need a front jet. It is available. You require a Chisel Point front. It is available. You require a guide cage. It is available. You require ...... many more options available.

Turbo Cyclone

removes lime scale, roots etc.
choose your chain and adapter from a wide range of options.

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