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Super Duper It

We at SuperDuper It design pipe cleaning tools for professional cleaners. Super Duper It should remind users (in a funny way, we think), there are ways to get more out of your investment. Your jetting system and Super Duper It products will reduce energy cost, speed up the cleaning process, and you are a likely doing jobs which you could not do before.

Why ?
We are based in Europe with a network of partners worldwide, for sales and support. The challenging regulations and the multitude of requirements for cleaning pipes in Europe gives us a head start when it comes to innovation. Our never stopping customer driven strive for excellency will most likely benefit you too. The people at Super Duper It are "hands on people". With many years of experience, traveling the globe to work with our partners on solutions worldwide. We are able to designing cost-effective products which will benefiting you. Have the edge and upgrade your operation with Super Duper It.